Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Toy Story

While I was with them, I guarded them. I kept them safe through the name you gave me. None of them has been lost. John 17:12a (NIrV)

Toy soldiers stood at attention, lined up on the linoleum,
back-dropped by Christmas wrapping. I stood up to inspect my squad when a soldier in the middle fell over. On examination he looked okay, so I put him back down only to watch him topple again. I had enough soldiers to play with now, and didn’t want to deal with the problem, so I threw him away without hesitation.

The movie Toy Story recalled my childhood fixation with action figures, making me remember the gifts I received as a child. So many were only used once and then forgotten, lost, broken, or discarded. Were the movie premise real, my toys would have lived fearful, sad, and discouraged lives.

Jesus didn’t receive new toys on Christmas. He was Himself a gift, and today the greatest gift we can give Him is a broken and contrite heart. He won’t forget about us after a while, or discard us if we make mistakes. He’ll never lose us when we wander.

Let’s thank God this Christmas for how gently Jesus deals with the gifts He receives, and present ourselves to Him knowing that He will accomplish His work in us. He will make us soldiers in His army, marching together under His banner of love. If we are wounded in the fight, He won’t set us aside; instead, He’ll pick us up when we fall, fix us when we are broken, and use us to do the same for others.

Lord, thank you for taking care of those whom the Father has entrusted to you.

© 2012 Katherine A. Fuller

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