Sunday, June 8, 2014


“Be not wise in your own eyes. Fear the Lord and turn away from evil.” (Prov. 3.7 RSV)

“Hello.” I said
“Is Tommy there? A little boy’s voice asked.
“No, no Tommys here. You have a wrong number.” (click)
“Is Tommy there? The same little boy voice asked.
“No. You have the wrong (click) number.
“Hello.” I said, knowing who it would be
“Is Tommy there?” he asked
“No. You’re dialing the wrong number.” I said for the third time.
“STOP TELLING ME I HAVE THE WRONG NUMBER!” The angry little boy hollered.
“Check your phone (click)”. Needless to say, he didn’t call again.
Laughing as I recalled the incident, it reminded me of how I used to pray to God. There was a person in my life that was mean, rude and abusive. I prayed daily for months, even years, for our Lord to convict him of his bad behavior.
However, that person never changed. Eventually, he lost his family. As I prayed, I beseeched the Lord, why this person never changed. God revealed to me, through the Holy Spirit, this man was not praying to change. Our Lord doesn’t go where He’s not invited.
While praying for people to change, and they’re not, whose attention does God have?  Mine (or yours). He changed me. I learned to lay everything down before the Lord, and trust Him with the outcome. Also, what was the next right thing for me to do. I learned not to give unsolicited advice. They weren’t seeking my opinion.

My body language needed corrected, too. No more rolled eyes, shoulder shrugs, or raised eyebrows.
Thank you Lord for the privilege of prayer. Help me be the kind of person you want me to be. I love you. Amen                                        

© 2014 Lois Gosley

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