Friday, January 13, 2017


For as high as the heavens are above the earth, so great is his love for those who fear him. Psalm 103:11 (NIV) 

The discussion was about truth.  Seven inmates in our local detention center gathered for a study titled “Overcomers.” The first of several “goals” was truth, and we were discussing the critical nature of truth as the foundation for addressing any issue. Eventually we got around to the proposition that God knows everythingyes, every thing about us. Then the question was posed, “How do you feel about that?” 

There was no denial that God knew bad stuff about everyone there. We’re all guilty, and God knows it. The attitude of the true God has significance after we die—heaven or hell. But our understanding of God’s attitude also affects the quality of our lives every day.  Must we live with burdens of guilt in fear? Or is there a way to live with confidence of forgiveness and in good relationship with God? 

During a visit to Nepal, we visited many Buddhist and Hindu shrines and temples. People were worshiping by offering sacrifices of animals, flowers and food to the many idols, bowing and ringing bells in prayer. Students were worshiping statues of Confucius and other sages for “luck” in their exams.  But the emotion behind all this “worship” is fear! Fear dominates their every move in life! 

Read all of Psalm 103. The truth is, God is love. The Bible declares it, and Jesus, the Son of God, proved it on the cross. He made the sacrifice, and that restored the relationship so we can live in peace and loving fellowship with God in this life and in the next.  

Lord, I’m so thankful that you are a God of mercy and love.
© 2017, Parker Wayland

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