Friday, September 25, 2015


As long as it is day, we must do the work of him who sent me.  John 8:4 (NIV)

The very day we graduated from the 8th grade my dad gave me a job in the parts department of his auto dealership. A few days later some friends came by and said, "Hey Parker, we're going swimming at the Silvermines. Come go with us."

Dad saw the group and came to greet them, so naturally I asked, "These guys are going swimming at Silvermines. Can I go with them?" The response came, "Are we going to play, or are we going to work?" Work was the obvious choice.

Many years later a similar decision arose--the decision whether to travel a substantial distance to attend a Christian men's conference. It was really appealing, but the time and cost bothered me. So, I prayed. "Lord, should I go?" Almost immediately I was surprised as I heard my spirit. "Are we going to play or are we going or work?" Laughter erupted as the quote from long ago hit me! "OK Lord. I've got the message."

A key part of working for the Lord is preparing and equipping ourselves to be useful instruments in His hands. Conferences, church sermons, small groups and other relationships with Christian friends, personal Bible study and prayer are all means of grace and growth. As ministry opportunities arise, we can rely on the Holy Spirit to provide the guidance and power, but He can only draw out what has been put in. I want to be a sharp scalpel in His hands.

Prayer: Lord, make me an instrument of Your love.

(C) 2015 Parker Wayland

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