Friday, September 18, 2015


When you pass through the waters I will be with you. Isaiah 43:2 (NAS)

My family was on the island of Hawaii to celebrate my nephew's wedding. I reveled in being surrounded by another facet of God's beauty-rich, awe-inspiring creation.
The far view from our balcony encompassed a white coral beach edging the deep blue Pacific. A closer view revealed a sparkling, lagoon surrounded by swaying palms.
This will be the spot held most dear in my memory.

Everyone who knows me can vouch for my fear of dark water. To walk beside a pond prickles my arms with chills.

When my son came in ecstatic over his sea turtle encounter, excitedly sharing this was the coolest experience of his twenty years, I desired to share that memory.

There was only one problem—the turtles hung out in the farthest, deepest corner of the lagoon. If fear ruled, it would be impossible for me.
I began swimming in the clear, green shallow.  Approaching the dark I prayed, "God, please take away all my fear. I want to experience the joy of your creation more fully. Amazed, I kept swimming, stroke after stroke without a twinge of trepidation.  

An hour drifted by as I paddled and floated in the deep.
I waited.

No turtles.
Finally, I prayed, "Lord, please send a turtle my way."

I waited—still no turtles.
I started back. Suddenly, I was not alone! My hand stroked down the long neck and shell of a large sea turtle as it surfaced beside me. We shared a few extraordinary moments swimming eye to eye. Joy welled deep within me!

God held me up.
He protected me.

He gave me joy!

Praise You Father, for showing me that joy awaits when I lay my fears before You. Amen.
©2015 Bonnie Mae Evans

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