Friday, August 7, 2015

Lost and Found

This is my command: Love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12 (HCSB)
In a village by the seashore, lived a lonely boat. It seemed to have been abandoned a long time ago. It floated by the dock, unadmired for its old wooden surface, scratched and faded by time.
Late one evening, it began to storm and the wind caused the waves to clap loudly against the dock. The motion forced the little boat to move fiercely to and fro. Before long, the worn rope attached to the boat, snapped. The boat broke away from the dock and floated farther and farther away from the shore.
On the water, under moonlight, it appeared as a speck rocking back and forth against the raging sea. The poor little boat knew not what was to become of him, but he was brave. He depended on his faith and God’s grace to calm the waters and deliver him to a promised land.
When morning peered through the clouds, the tired little boat awoke and found itself bathing on a new shore in the sweet sunshine. The boat was surrounded by people giggling about the treasure they had found. The little boat blushed with excitement about the thought of being a treasure to someone. The people saw great promise in the little boat and began to scrub and paint its surfaces.
Before late afternoon the ugly little boat was restored and refreshed by the tender loving hands that knew its true worth.  At nightfall, the beautiful boat and his beautiful friends ventured out across the sea to discover how to love purely and remain faithful, even when the stormy waters are deep.
Lord, inspire me to live as a lighthouse that shines the treasures on true worth, through knowing You.
© 2015 Kimberly Clayton

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