Friday, August 29, 2014


Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say Rejoice. Philippians 4:4 (RSV).
Recently folks enjoyed the Fourth of July with fireworks celebrating our country’s independence. I didn’t attend, but was able to hear all the pops, bangs, sizzles and whistles from my home. Thinking about what the celebration meant, and how much people sacrificed for us to enjoy this liberty, I thanked God and celebrated being born in America.

I also celebrate being a child of God, and that Jesus Christ died for me, and my sins are forgiven. I am thankful that no persecution prevents me from worshipping in this free land. At church, a wonderful,warm and caring community prays for me and provides loving Christian fellowship and support. That is worth celebrating.

Getting together with my daughter, her husband, and my grandchildren sends fireworks of love in my heart every time. I celebrate family.
When success comes my way, or when accomplishing something new, it is worth celebrating. Whenever a magnificent sunset or a beautiful flower graces my path, I celebrate God’s creativity.

Praise God for all the trials I’ve endured. They have produced growth and strength enabling me to help others. I celebrate His provisions and for wisdom from above.
In celebration of my life, my writing, my art work, I thank God for His love. Celebrate with me. Let our fireworks of praise reach heaven as we count our blessings.

Thank you, Lord, for reminding me through the world’s pops, bangs and whistles that You are the Way, the Truth and Life. No fireworks can out shine You, Lord.  Amen.
©2014 Lois Gosley

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