Thursday, February 4, 2010


“Your ways are higher than our ways; your thoughts are higher than our thoughts. As the heavens are above the earth, so are you ways over our ways.” Isaiah 55:9

Divorce was the only solution. I prayed for him to repent. Why couldn’t he be like the man I married? The betrayal, the illegal money handling, the drinking, the abuse continued. I didn’t want to get a divorce. Normally, I journal my hopes and requests, and highlight God's Bible promises for restoration.

After it was over, I moved to be near my daughter and her family. All the highlighted verses seemed to be God saying “No” to my prayer requests. That made me feel abandoned by God.

While attending a new church in a new town, a new friend commented, “I see you journal in your Bible.” She revealed her Bible pages, written on and highlighted.

I told her, “Those marked verses seem like God said ‘No’ during all my times of praying for my former husband to repent. Reflecting on them now brings sadness to my heart.”

“I highlighted and wrote on the verses through the times my son was hopelessly addicted to drugs.” she shared.

“I had to get a divorce!” I added.

“My son committed suicide. These verses were my strength and hope during his addiction and suicide.” She concluded.

Amazed at her Godly insight, my tears came. While glancing at my Bible, I remembered God had delivered me during those hopeless times. Now those highlighted words are followed by “Thank you, Lord” prayers and repentance for my own faithlessness.

Prayer: Thank you Lord for loving us when we are so shortsighted. Your ways are higher than our ways, and for that we are truly thankful and blessed. Amen

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Dawn said...

It only when we look backwards do we see what God was doing all along. He has truely blessed you and you have become a blessing to others. Thanks for your insights as well.