Friday, December 4, 2015


Clap your hands, all you nations; shout to God with cries of joy.  Psalms 47:1 (NIV).

Thoughts of the many parties, dinners and gatherings this season brings, causes my heart rejoice in the love of the Lord. I am reminded that I am truly blessed because of the grace of my heavenly Father.

There are times when I want to clap my hands, shout to everyone and sing about the joy of my Lord. The Christmas season gives me the opportunity to do this every day. Everywhere I go the holiday music plays over the intercom, and I sing along with the songs praising God.

Throughout the Bible, there are countless times that His people sang, shouted and danced before the Lord. Many times it was after a difficult situation. God delivered them from the trials and tribulations that they sometimes brought upon themselves.

David spent part of his life running from the king in fear of his life. Yet even in the darkest hours, he found the strength to sing his praises to God. Throughout the book of Psalm, we see this happening time after time.

When I go to all the parties, dinners and gatherings, I will clap, shout and cry out my joy to the One who is the reason for the season. Jesus! 

Let the good times roll. Today, tomorrow and the years to come, I will be a testimony to the love of God, a witness to His mercy and an example of the power of His strength.

Lord, I rejoice every day, not just during this time of the year. Help me to boldly shout your praises to the nation with clapping hands through the whole year.

©2015 Dawn Sexton.

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