Friday, January 2, 2015


The eyes of all look to you, and you give them food in due season Psalm 145:15 (ESV).

As you sketch the days of winter with your gentle, giant hands   
The lines grow long, liquid like on a blank and dismal land.
If you can perceive life without, you can perceive life within.               
For winter is a whisper of wants and hidden needs
Like a crow flies into an empty nest to find the secret seed.
So deep into the darkness I will delicately drift
To meet the hidden places from which I’ve always missed.    
In these depths there is a landscape of mountains and valleys low
Where stillness begins stirring and an endless story, unfolds.
In the colorless terrain is where my faith shall rise
Like mountains touching tinted, pink, and purple skies.
The voice of angels near blanket me with grace
And so my spirit glows with embers of His face.
We think, the winter, a cruel, and barren time
The simple lifeless line of charcoal, cold, and gray.
But in minimalistic form God creates a template stage.
Life longing for itself, is life longing for His truth.
The root of loves eternal flame burns deep, and lingers long
In this entrancing mystery, I found a sweet and ceaseless song.
For I was sitting among the fires, of my souls infinite delight             
Embracing the presence of His instrumental light.
My heart beat ablaze, the wisdom of His love.
On the cross, flames of forgiveness, rise over tainted snow.
I’ve learned, when to still the waters, and when to let them flow.
When silence enters me, and I no longer linger on
Let His eternal peace be the power, that ends this winter song.

Lord, let the “barren” winter reveal Your unadorned eternal truth.
(c)  2014 Kimberly Clayton                              

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