Saturday, January 17, 2015


The eternal God is our refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms. Deuteronomy 33:27 (NAS)

As soon as my son came through the door I knew something was wrong. He had suffered a huge disappointment after months of hard work towards a specific goal. It seemed there was no justice. He was hurting and angry. Although his frame towered over mine by almost a foot, I longed for him to come, fall into my arms like when he was a little boy and let me comfort him. I wanted him to talk to me and pour out his troubles so I could share his burden. He did not. He suffered alone in silence—well, not completely alone—for I suffered in the next room, separated by walls, but with him just the same. My heart throbbed with his pain. 

In the midst of anguished prayer for my son, I suddenly had a very clear picture of how my Father in Heaven must feel when I am hurt, discouraged, angry or sad and choose to struggle through without coming to Him. Even more than I desired for my son to take confidence in me, my Heavenly Father longs for me to come, fall at His feet, and pour out my troubles and heartaches. On a micro scale, I felt His grief when He sees us suffer and toil needlessly under the weight of our problems. Unlike me, He has the power to heal broken hearts and redirect shattered dreams. He can take the fragments of our lives and weave them into His perfect plan. All we need do is bring them to Him in exchange for His peace and comfort.
Father, Thank You that when life hurts, Your arms are always open wide. Amen.
© 2014 Bonnie Mae Evans

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