Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fifth day of Christmas: Better than gold!

In these troubled times, run to the One who is Faithful and True - our Lord! Revelation 19:11 (NIV). In the Old Testament, God says He’s our Husband. Isaiah 54:5 (NIV). God wears his fidelity toward us like a golden wedding ring, and the Holy Bible is His love letter to each of us! 

The Pentateuch comprises God’s first five love letters. Known for His extravagance, it’s not enough that He’s espoused to us. In Genesis, He’s also our Parent. With great joy, God prepares the nursery for His first child, Adam. Where we might go out and buy cribs, rocking chairs, and wallpaper for our baby’s nursery, God went out and set up oceans, mountains, and forests for His first child. Oh Master of Quantity!

When Adam sinned, his Father went to him. God wants us to apologize when we hurt Him then be restored to our high-quality relationship with Him. Oh Master of Quality!

The Pentateuch tells us about miracles, the Law, promises, and the Promised Land. Parents, have your children ever persuaded you to change your mind? Of course they have, and God can relate. He changed His mind when Moses asked Him not to destroy those wayward Hebrews. Exodus 32:14 (NIV).

Parents, have you ever punished your child then later gave in because you just couldn’t help yourself? God can relate to that one too. Remember when Moses was denied entry into the Promised Land? It turns out Moses did set foot in the Promised Land. Amazingly, Peter saw Moses and Elijah talking with Jesus one day on the mountain. Luke 9:30-33 (NIV).

Lord, Your friendship is more valuable to me than five thousand golden rings!  Amen.

©2013 Mary Logan

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Evelyn R. said...

Mary, you researched well this "Five Golden Rings". Your writing is a testimony to your diligence in this craft. God bless you always.

E. Bonnie