Friday, April 27, 2012

Lesson from a Rope Tow

“let your right hand display awesome deeds.” Psalms 45:2 (NIV)

When I was learning to ski, the little slope just had a rope tow. It was very difficult to learn on. I would fail to get my skis in the ruts right and fall down. Or someone up in front would fall down causing a cascade of falling people. Or the rope would suddenly jerk and I’d fall down.

Most skiers nowadays are used to big comfy ski lifts, where you rise majestically high up above the snow. True, it’s sometimes hard to time it just right, getting into the moving chair. But the lift is longer, and you even have time to look around at the beautiful winter wonderland.

We older skiers remember the rope tow. It’s always moving uphill fast. You position your skis, grab on with your gloves, and up you go. But if the rope is icy, and your gloves are icy too, it slides through your hands. So you tighten your grasp, till friction works through the ice, then suddenly, whoosh! You try to hold on through the amazing acceleration.

It’s so much like our prayer life. God’s constant uplifting power is always there in our hands, literally, if you're holding a Bible. But if you’re in an icy spot, you just don’t seem to move at first. We all go through times when His power seems to have been turned off. Then you’ve got to grip harder, let God wear away the ice, when, whoosh! Up you go. Hold on, you’re in for an exhilaratingly great ride.

Dear God, may we grasp on to your power tightly, with both hands. We persist, with the expectancy that you will lift us up spiritually through your amazing power.

(c) 2012 Jan Lewis


Dawn said...

I really like this blog. There is so much that I still need to learn about God's love for me. God keeps telling me to hold on. So I will. Thanks

Evelyn R. said...

Hi, Dawn. This is a good example of stick-to-it praying power. God is always listening. He understands our heart-words. Keep writing, dear friend.
Evelyn R.