Friday, August 19, 2011

Quiet Love

Therefore, accept each other just as Christ has accepted you so that God will be given glory. Romans 15:7 NLT

As my newly wedded husband and I prepared to leave for our honeymoon, my mother-in-law sweetly mentioned her hope that we would find a nice church to attend after we moved. She was a Christian--polar opposite of my claim of being agnostic. I replied that finding a church was not in my plan. She smiled undaunted and hugged me good-bye.

During those tumultuous, early years of our marriage, her love and acceptance remained steadfast. In retrospect, after experiencing both salvation and motherhood, I am amazed at her self-control. Although I knew it was of great concern to her, “Mom” did not nag us about going to church. She was never judgmental. Quite the contrary, she encouraged me, praising my efforts as a new wife. When I mentioned a problem she responded that she would pray and took the opportunity to quietly share how much the Lord loved and cared for me. I felt totally loved and accepted. Whenever we returned home for a visit, I noticed how she sat in her rocker faithfully praying and reading her Bible every evening before going to bed.

When faced with my own mortality following a cancer diagnosis four years later, I knew when I died my soul was bound for hell. I willingly accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and rested in His love and forgiveness. That was thirty-three years ago. I truly believe that Mom’s prayers and quiet acceptance simply loved me to the Lord. Sometimes love is spoken loudest with no words at all.

Father, Thank You for everyone along our journey who prayed, accepting us with love. May all the glory be Yours. Amen.

© Bonnie Mae Evans


Robin Bayne said...

Another cancer survivor here, nice devotional!

Bonnie said...

You were blessed with a wonderful mother-in-law, Bonnie. Count all of your blessings. Each day is a gift from our Father. E. Bonnie