Friday, September 4, 2009

A Moment With Destiny

Blessed are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Matthew 6:19 (KJV)

Her name was Destiny. From the very beginning her life was about the struggle to survive. She arrived two months too soon, before her little body could fully develop, most importantly her lungs. Her breathing was so quick and shallow that she required surgery early on. The procedure helped, but for the rest of her brief existence Destiny would be in and out of the hospital, eventually needing oxygen full time.

At one point, we thought she might recover. Destiny seemed healthier and stronger. She became more alert when I sang to her, gazing at me serenely with large brown eyes that twinkled with curiosity. Yet, her breathing never normalized. When the effort to live became too great, Destiny succumbed to the death that so eagerly pursued her since birth.

As I sit here in the sun, staring at the little white box that holds the body of my first grandchild, I wonder about Destiny’s purpose. What lesson was her life meant to impart? Despite the constant battle to stay alive, Destiny rarely complained. She seemed to accept her lot in life and to be happy just being here. Maybe that’s the lesson, to enjoy and accept our lives without regret. Whatever her reason for having lived, Destiny, her sacred mission accomplished, is now in heaven. No more pain or struggling for every breath, happy now in the arms of a loving God. There lies our comfort. Because of a moment with Destiny, the lives of those who knew her are deeper, richer and transformed forever.

Heavenly Father, You comfort us in so many ways. Even when we lose a loved one You are there to ease the hurt and pain, and we thank You.

© 2009 G. Francis Johnson

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Christy said...

Oh Gail, I'm so glad you got to know Destiny. I'm so glad you shared her story with us.