Friday, September 30, 2016


The psalmist wrote, "Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation." Psalm 62:1 (KJV)

"I wait upon the Lord, but that does not mean He's slow;
it's just that gives me time to let my spirit grow." E. B. Ryan                                                                  

I wrote those lines from one of my poems, the rest of the words which I have long forgotten. But, those lines stuck in my head, perhaps because I've done a lot of waiting for one thing or another in my life.

One of the Army's motto's is "Hurry up and wait." The soldiers wait in chow lines, wait in doctor's offices, wait in convoy lines, and so on. Their spouses wait for their soldiers to come home when their deployment is done, wait for the next move to another assignment, wait for their babies to be born, wait for their five year old to go to school, wait, wait, wait, and wait some more.

Life is full of waiting. But, there comes a time when waiting is not enough. One must move out and step up to the "forever plate." When God is ready and waiting for YOU and is beckoning you to step forward and accept His Son, Jesus as your personal Savior. Don't wait. Reach out and accept His gift of love. You don't have to wait. He is there at your hearts door, knocking to be let in. He is your "forever plate," the One your heart has been longing for. He is the means of your salvation. He loves you unconditionally. No waiting in line.

Thank You, Father, for not making us wait, for loving us without conditions, and beckoning us to accept Your gift of salvation right now. Amen                                                                                        

© 2016 Evelyn B. Ryan

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