Saturday, November 8, 2014


The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.  Isaiah 40:8 (NIV).

Every year I watch all the beautiful flowers throughout the seasons. They eventually wilt and fall to the ground. Some last for a couple days, while others last for weeks. Yet, eventually they all wither and die.
I did notice that each season has its own flowers. Autumn has my favorite flowers--the mums with all the earthly colors of fall. But these flowers soon wither and die also.
I thank God for artificial mums. I can put them all around my home. There is not a room in my house that does not brighten up with these bouquets. But even these flowers soon wear out and fall to pieces. They do not last forever.
What does last forever is the Word of God. I can count on the Bible to keep me from falling. His Word is good for all seasons. When I take the time to read and study the Bible, I grow stronger. His Word nourishes, sustains and upholds me through even the harshest of times.
God’s Word has been around since the beginning of time. He spoke and the world came into existence. There is power in every syllable. My existence is dependent on each word.
Like the flower I will soon wither and die. Unlike the flower, I will live forever in the presence of God. In heaven I will flourish and never wilt.            
Lord, I seek to learn Your words. Help me to hold them close to my heart and share them with others.

©2014 Dawn Sexton.

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