Friday, April 12, 2013


Cast your anxieties on Him for He cares about you.” I Peter 5:7 (RSV)

Last year I thought I would have to pay a lot of taxes. That thought consumed me.  After submitting my tax information with the accountant on Monday, I fretted all week.

 When her secretary called on Friday to make an appointment to come in and sign the paperwork, I asked.  “Do I owe?”
She replied, “Let me check.  “Mmm-mm Yes, you owe $1,176.00 to Federal. Can you come in Monday to sign the forms?”

Needless to say, I worried all week-end. Where I was going to get the money. What could I sacrifice, or where could I rob Peter to pay Paul. How am I going to do this?

I prayed, “Dear Lord, my times are in your hands. I know You are my Provider. Please show me the way. Amen” Immediately peace filled my heart and I knew it would be alright.
Monday finally arrived, and with peace I was ready to surrender my life to the IRS.
Arriving at the accountant’s office, I sat down and said, “I’ve been upset all week about owing $1,176.00 to the Federal government.”
“Yes, you do owe Federal, but you get back $1,200.00 from State,” she answered brightly.”
Jesus tells us not to borrow a sorrow from tomorrow because each day has enough for that day. I wish I had taken that advice, but I did experience His peace and I was thankful I didn’t have to pay. The Peter and Paul turned out to be State to Federal.
Income tax time is around the corner. There’s nothing the Lord and I can’t handle together. Come and get me, I’m ready!
Dear Lord; Thank you everything worked out perfectly. Forgive me for falling so short. Amen

©2013 Lois Gosley

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