Friday, May 19, 2017


Behold, I am with you and will keep you wherever you go, Genesis 28:15 (NAS)

 Our family always enjoyed amusement park rides. One year we vacationed near a boardwalk that boasted of having an old-fashioned, wooden roller coaster. With trembling anticipation, our children approached the ticket booth. 
As the roller coaster roared up, screeching to a stop, the children barely waited for the shaky, pale tourists to unload before jumping into their seats.

My husband and son hopped in. My daughter and I climbed into the seat behind them. As the ticket-taker came by, I realized that my hubby's long legs prevented the bar from catching the safety lock. My son had nothing to hold him in! My husband was more confident than I in his ability to overcome the power of centrifugal force and hold the bar. I turned in a panic to alert the ride operator.  That very instant, he threw the lever forward and we took off. Terror for my son's life seized my heart as we careened down the first drop, swerving precariously.

I knew any second my son could go flying into mid-air. I began praying aloud for God to protect him.  With the next sudden dip and twist something cracked in my lower back. 
I prayed even louder, "Jesus! Help us! Please, Jesus, get us off this ride safely!” 

It seemed like the ride would never end.

When the coaster finally screamed to a stop on the platform, my husband, son and daughter bolted from their seats and flew to the exit, leaving me in their dust. It was evident my loud prayers had humiliated them.
No matter, I knew Jesus had been with us, as He promised He would be—always and forever.

Father, I’m so thankful You are always as close as a prayer.

© 2017 Bonnie Mae Evans


Christy said...

It is difficult to be serious and funny at the same time. But you did a good job of it here. And taught a lesson about our Lord at the same time. Good Job!! :) Christy

Evelyn R. said...

On one of the last bus trips I drove children to Hershey Park. There was another bus from our company who went also. The children all ran in different directions after learning where we would all meet at the end of the day. The other bus driver and I decided we would go take a ride on the old fashioned roller coaster call "The comet." I was scared to pieces and it turned out that I had good reason to be scared. On several of the sharp turns and down-hill drops, something in my head seemed to pull inside and caused me much pain. Once I got off the ride I opted out of any other rides. I had a terrific headache. I went back to the bus and laid down until the children came back to the bus. I have never gotten on another high rise ride and never will. I'm with you, Bonnie. My two feet will stay on the ground! Evelyn

Lois said...

Loved this incident. I can feel the terror as I read it. The folks may have been embarrassed, but (who knows) they are all saved because of your pleading prayer. I'm proud of your holy boldness. Love, Lois