Friday, February 10, 2017


 I will bless the Lord at all times; his praise shall continually be in my mouth. Ps. 34:1 (RSV)

Struggling with facts, figures and images, I typed my article for our church newsletter. The office wanted my group’s mission results today, and it was approaching office closing hours. Not being very efficient with my computer, using it only for email and typing, I struggled with the challenges of preparing columns of figures and images.

Gathering the final figures from each teachers’ input sheets, I encountered a mistake and pressed the backspace key to delete it.

THAT’S WHEN IT HAPPENED! My entire column disappeared! Frustrated, angry, and feeling totally hopeless, I called my daughter.
After she heard my 100 word explanation, she said:
“Did you hit ‘undo?’”
“In the upper left corner is an undo symbol—it’s a little circle with its arrow going back.”

As I clicked the undo symbol, my husband entered the room. “What’s for dinner, Honey? Dinner going to be ready soon?”

I’m busy here! Do you have to nag me now?” I snapped.
“Sorry, dear,” he said, as he slipped out of the room.
Suddenly, my deleted column reappeared. After becoming peaceful again, my bitter and rude attitude I had acted to my husband, reappeared. I humbly apologized and made a weak excuse for my bad behavior.

Next time, I will use “Undo” on my mouth before opening it and putting in my foot.

Dear Lord, thank You for loving us when we are unlovable, for forgiving our sins even before we commit them. I pray to only praise You with my mouth continually. Amen

© 2017 Lois Gosley

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Evelyn R. said...

Lois, I know your frustration. I have had similar situations many times. My computer is not quite my friend—yet! But, I keep trying. I thought I lost a complete story I was writing for a book being published next month. I don't recall right now what I did to make it reappear, but it did come back. Hurray! And Glory be to God. Sometimes I think He allows such things to happen to make us KNOW and DEPEND on Him for our ultimate success. After all, HE IS GOD!Not us!God bless you, dear friend and KEEP WRITING! Love you, girl.