Friday, November 18, 2016


Praise the Lord, from the earth, you great sea creatures and all ocean depths. Psalm 148:7 (NIV)

A pastor friend shared with me a special moment God allowed him that morning as he communed with God at the seashore. While he watched the sun rising over the ocean, it cast golden shimmers across the waves. At that precise moment in time the great body of a humpback whale surfaced directly within his line of vision. The sun and all creation seemed to hold its breath to behold this elusive marvel of the deep.

What are the chances at that exact moment in time my friend would be looking in that direction? He was overwhelmed to be the recipient of God’s perfect timing as God spoke to his heart through the awesomeness of nature.
Who am I Lord, that You would bless me with a glimpse of Your mighty wonders? What is the message You are sending me?

These thoughts swirled around in his mind as he stood gazing at the waters as they closed once again concealing the massive creature.

Perhaps God wanted to punctuate His majesty and power as He orchestrated this thrilling event. At the same time all over the world, He was speaking to other hearts in ways special to them. Perhaps He was saying, “I see you standing there worshipping and seeking me. I love you deeper than the deepest ocean.” Perhaps God wanted you to share the glory of His creation with others. Perhaps He only wanted to spend an extraordinary moment with you at daybreak, my friend.
Oh Loving Father, how amazed we are by all of the wonders You have made. You are worthy of all our praise. We see Your hand in all creation as nature draws our eyes and hearts back to You. Amen.

©2016 Bonnie Mae Evans

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