Friday, September 21, 2012

The Choice of a Lifetime

…choose for yourself this day whom you will serve… (Joshua 24:15) NIV
I asked my three and five year old granddaughters which flavor of ice cream they wanted. I offered them vanilla, strawberry, or vanilla with strawberry topping. Evidently these options were more perplexing than I thought. They left the room to discuss the issue in private before making a final decision.
As they grow, I hope to expand my granddaughters, ability to examine the possibilities presented to them and make good decisions. In fact, it is my desire to teach them that above all else there are three life choices that once resolved and acted upon will direct the course of their entire lives.
First, make the choice to follow the one true God. When that decision is clear in one’s mind and spirit, all other steps that are taken in life revolve around His teachings and His assistance.
The second choice involves the persons and perhaps one particular person with whom we spend the time God has given us.
The third choice also requires direction from our Lord. That is, yielding to the occupation we are called to and the work He has for us.
Many choices will present themselves in the journey of life. Sometimes the world and the flesh seem to cover life-changing possibilities in a fog of deception that prevent us from making the best choice. If our first decision is to follow Jesus, He will be there with us to clearly see what is the best decision for us in every instance.
Father God, be with all of us as we face the many important choices in our lives. Help us to find our way to You and Your choices for us.

© 2012 Christy Struben



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