Friday, February 10, 2012

No Diet Necessary!

I have esteemed the words of his mouth more than my necessary food. Job 23:12b (KJV)

“It’s just wrong,” I complained to my roommate years ago. “When I look down, I should see my toes!” Late night snacks and a lack of exercise had taken their toll. Preparing meals for my husband still causes me to struggle today. My dilemma? Love of food and lack of willpower. For some reason, the myriad cooking shows I watch don’t help. Go figure!

My motto has always been, “Diet is just DIE-with-a-T!’” However, conviction about a lack of time in God’s word and too much time snacking in the kitchen set in with the new year. A read-through-the-Bible program dealt with the first and helped with the second. Then the Lord sent aid in the form of a weight-loss competition at work, based on a popular television series. Wanting to see my toes again, I jumped in with both feet—armed for battle—scales, treadmill, and waist-friendly recipes at the ready.

In the natural, Job’s words are daunting. The smallest hunger pang sends me running to the refrigerator. Do I hunger for God in the same way, running to Him, filling up on the fruit of the Spirit? I am ready for the challenge. Feasting on the Lamb of God, drinking in His word, exercising His Spirit and trusting Him to satisfy the cravings of my soul are powerful weapons. As He increases, I will decrease. Join me in partaking of the Bread of Life and Living Water. No diet necessary!

Father, help us to eat and drink your word to fortify our souls and give us the energy of your Spirit. We will walk in your way, exercising your character in this world, inviting others to join the feast.

© 2012 Katherine A. Fuller


Christy said...

Nice analogy!! Great lesson!

Bonnie said...

Walking in the spirit does wonders for a poorly fed soul. Great writing, Kathy.